Assessment: WW I

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•    Identify the term.  (What?) 1 pt
•    Put it in the correct chronological place.  (When?) 1 pt
•    Explain its historical significance.  (How?  Why?) 3 pts

World War One

Franco- Prussian War 1871
Otto von Bismarck
League of the Three Emperors 1872
Dual Alliance 1879
Triple Alliance 1882
Re-insurance Treaty 1887
Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878
Treaty of San Stefano 1878
Congress of Berlin
“New Imperialism”
“Scramble for Africa”
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Anglo-German Naval Race
Franco-Russian Alliance 1894
Boer War (1899-1902)
Anglo-Japanese Treaty 1902
Entente-Cordiale 1904
First Moroccan Crisis 1905-6
Triple Entente
Bosnian Crisis 1908-1909
Second Moroccan Crisis 1911
First Balkan War 1912
Second Balkan War 1913
Black Hand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
“blank cheque”
The July Ultimatum
Schlieffen Plan
“Total War”
industrial war
Defense of the Realm Act
War Raw Material Office
Ministry of Blockade
unrestricted submarine warfare

Part II: Write a five-paragraph analytical essay.

The exam will have  the following essay. You may bring an approved outline into the exam..

  1. Critically analyze the causes of WW I.
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