(January 1914) Letter from Germany to Austria. “We will support you.”

WW I soldiers

WW I soldiers

Dear Austria-Hungary,

We are very concerned about the relation between us and Russia. They are growing into power, and we have to stop this. We must take actions, and be ready for the worst – a war with our Eastern neighbor.

We, the Germans believe, that Russia wants to take over the whole Europe just like they wanted to annex China, Japan, and other countries. Their plans are too ambitious, lets take a build of Trans-Siberian railroad as an example. It was a clear sign that our enemy, Nicholas II wants to modernize his country, where its ultimate aim is expansion

The other distressing fact is that Russia became an ally in 1894 with France, and this just shows that Russia is a serious danger to our states. I presume that French helped Russians in developing their industry, but also the alliance between these two countries makes them stronger politically and militarly.

We should be really concerned about Russia’s power and influence in Europe. In 1904, they signed with France and Britain the Entente Cordinale, which is a great provocation and a response to the Tripple Alliance. I am more than sure, that Russia and her allies tried to encircle us, and attack. In the same year Nicholas II started the War against Japan, and it just proves that all Russians’ actions before 1904 were meant to strengthen the country before the significant war. Russian surprisingly lost the significant war, and it is certainly the best moment to attack her before Nicholas II would strengthen the Russian state.

The establishment of Balkan League and rising impact of nationalists in Balkan area as well as in your state shows the Russian growing influence over Slavs, which we have to stop. It’s too dangerous, as the result of this we may lose the control over in Balkan area. My advisers and I noticed that Russia faces a big problem. Look, at the revolution in 1905, and unhappiness of people, wouldn’t it be the best to invade Russia, while Nicholas II cannot properly deal with the leadership and his subordinates.

We have to take some actions, if we want to maintain our power. How many of our people will die from Slavs hands? Assassination of our brother Franz Ferdinand and his wife is just too much. Russia’s friends – Sebrs have crossed the line and will pay for it. It seems like Russia is ready for the war, they begun the general mobilization, which we demanded to cancel. They refused to comply, it shows that Russians please us to fight against them on the front, and I see no other solution of rising tension between Russia and Germany

Dear allies, our beloved brothers, don’t be afraid to fight. We will always support you on the front against Russians and their allies.

Heil Deutschland! Heil Austria-Hungary!

by Gert Reimert (ISE 2010)

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