Causes of WW I

Game: “Causes of WW I” (read and play the game!)

Timeline: Causes of WW I

Essay questions



Imperialism-global colonial rivalry


Failed Diplomacy

Weltpolitik: A term used to describe Germany’s aggressive and expansive foreign policy through the acquisition of colonies and the building of a navy from 1890 to 1918. (Wikipedia)

In 1890 the young Kaiser William II dismissed the aged Bismarck and proclaimed a new course for Germany.  William felt keenly his realm’s lack of prestige in comparison with the British Empire. William rejected Bismarck’s emphasis on security in Europe in favor of a flamboyant Weltpolitik (world policy) aimed at making Germany’s presence abroad equal to her new industrial might. (Encyclopedia Britannica)


Assessment: Chart on Causes of WW I

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