IB Questions: Hitler and Nazi Germany

IB QUESTIONS: In depth (Paper 3)

Germany: Weimar – Hitler

  • Why was the Weimar Republic so short-lived? (M07)
  • Analyse the reasons for the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the establishment of a Nazi dictatorship in the period 1929 to 1934. (N06)
  • Analyse the political developments and external relations of either Weimar Germany between 1919 and 1933 or Great Britain between 1918 and 1935.
  • “Unwanted and unloved”. How far do agree with this assessment of the Weimar Republic in Germany between 1918 and 1933?
  • Assess the strength and weakness of Weimar Germany between 1919-32.
  • Analyse the main factors which contributed to Hitler’s rise to power in January 1933.
  • Account for the successes of Nazi Germany in Europe between 1938 and 1942.
  • Evaluate Hitler’s social, economic and religious policies between 1933 and 1939.
  • Hitler’s control and organization of the Nazi State was less effective than is commonly believed.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Compare and Contrast Mussolini and Hitler

  • In what ways did Fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany differ ideologically?
  • Compare and contrast the foreign policies of Hitler and Mussolini up to the outbreak of the Second World War.
  • Compare and Contrast the foreign policies of Hitler and Mussolini.
  • Compare and contrast totalitarian rule in Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy up to 1939.
  • Compare and contrast the economic problems faced by two European countries between 1919 – and 1939.

2 responses to “IB Questions: Hitler and Nazi Germany

  1. Is there a Nazi or Third-Reich expert out there? I’m research a young art historian of the Nazi era, Martin Gosebruch. At 18 in 1938, instead of being conscripted into the Germany, he was conscripted into something called the Reich Labor Service (Arbeits-, Wehr-, Kreigsdienst Gefangenschaft). I’m assuming this was an alternative service the Nazis created for German youth of undesireable politcal beliefs. Can anyone verify this or what the Arbeits-, Wehr-, Kreigsdienst Gefangenschaft was for?

    Many thanks!

  2. Very interesting study. I don’t know much about this program except what I reads on Wikipedia at http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsarbeitsdienst?wasRedirected=true.

    Are you researching this question through independent study or are you with an educational institution?

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