Annotated Timeline (Hitler & Nazi Germany)

Hitler as statesman



Hitler’s Domestic Policy

date event comment significance
SS (Hitler’s guard unit) formed Act as Hitler’s personal bodyguard Hitler did not fully trust SA
SD (security service) formed Intelligence service of SS
January 30th Hitler becomes Chancellor Coalition government; Göring in charge of Police, Frick – Minister of Interior NSDAP members rally, frighten left-wing opponents.
February 22nd Göring replaces police chiefs with SA or NSDAP Legalized violence against opposition: com,socialists trade unionists Destroyed offices, smashed printing presses, set up concentration camps
February 27th Reichstag Fire Emergency Decree Imprisonment of political opponents
March 5th Nazis – 43.9% Needed 2/3 to pass legislation to gain control Arrest communists, socialists forbidden to vote
April 7th Laws against political opposition and Jews Jews from Civil Service and legal profession
May 1st International Labor Day
June 22nd SDP outlawed
July Center Party and BVP dissolved themselves No more political parties to oppose Nazis
July 6th Hitler pronounces that National Socialist Rev. is over SA no longer auxiliary police
Himmler takes over Gestapo Prussia secret state police of Göring
February 1st Röhm proposes SA and SS unification Generals horrified
February 28th Hitler suppresses idea SA would not be given military role Army leaders afraid of  violent coup
June 17th Von Papen Speech Hitler needs to prevent a 2nd revolution by the SA Hitler had to act; win Army and conservatives support in the Presidential election, when Hindenburg  dead
June 30th Night of the Long Knives SA purge, Röhm arrested New oath of loyalty to Hitler
July Theodor Eicke appointed Inspector of Concentration Camps Every camp run by the Dachau model Trained SS camp guards to be brutal as the system they enforced
June Himmler appointed the Chief of the German Police HeydrichÞ charge of Security Police (incl. Gestapo)
November Waffen – SS formed

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