China-Modernization and Confucianism

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In your study of modernization, examine both economic and political modernization.


1. (Recall) What factors led to England being the first to industrialize? (see Industrial Revolution and British Industrialization)

a. The Protestant Ethic:  Max Weber. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. 1904-05

2. To what extent was Confucianism responsible for China’s delayed modernization?

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a. What is Confucianism?

b.  What Chinese institutions were based on Confucianism?

c.  What is modernization: economic, political, social?

d Which Confucian precepts were hostile to modernization? Why?

e.  Which Confucian institutions would delay or oppose modernization? Why?

f.  What evidence is there that despite or because of Confucianism early protoindustrialization developed?

g. What other factors might have been responsible for China’s “backwardness?”

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