HISTORY: pre-IB and IB Diploma

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Creator:  Maureen B. Fitzmahn, J.D. – IB History – International School of Estonia, Tallinn – Estonia.

  1. You are your own teacher. The old guys in front of the classroom are merely guides to your journey in the heart of darkness…guiding you to the light of discovery.  They can only take you so far.  Please say goodbye before you leave us behind.
  2. Be a scholar! A scholar is excited about learning.  A scholar is so excited that she attacks the work assigned and then moves on to search for more information. She searches until she learns all about the topic and then more.  A scholar finds other scholars to converse with about history, literature, science, math, music and art.   A scholar likes to share what he learns. A scholar thinks creatively. A scholar follows the light beyond the opening of the tunnel and runs into the sunlit field.
  3. No one is smarter than you can be. Those other scholars just have lived longer and have had more time to work at that learning part.
  4. You stand on the shoulders of great learners.  Learn from them and go on to seek new knowledge, new skills and new insights.  Experiment.  Share your own original thoughts and new learning.

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