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Legitimacy: collapse of governments

Legitimacy of Government




Final Rubric



How creative can you be?   Are you doing the following:

  1. Do you see making mistakes as a learning opportunity?
  2. Are you allowing yourself to:  look at unconventional ideas, and are you willing to tackle extremely challenging problems without obvious solutions, despite the high potential for failure.
  3. Are you passionate about this project?   Are you motivated, even driven, to know about objects, events, and people. Do you attempt to learn about new, unknown, or unexplained phenomena.
  4. Are you enjoying this activity for its own sake and not because it leads to later goals (a grade :) ) . Does the “flow” of the experience often lead you to lose all sense of time.
  5. Are you working through the uncomfortable and unfamiliar?  Are you able to create something amazing without direction or rules?

Immediate Cause of Revolution

What happens immediately leading up to revolution?

  1. -short period of time
  2. -violence
  3. -hope- things are getting a little better
  4. -leader does not use force (or not enough) to stop
  5. -new leader waits for event