Chinese examination system

Chinese exam system (Wikipedia)

Exam system: Justin Crozier article


5 responses to “Chinese examination system

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  2. These articles weren’t the most interesting but they were o.k.

    There is one quote that I found intriguing:

    “A healthy society cannot come about when people study not for the purpose of gaining wisdom and knowledge but for the purpose of becoming government officials”

    This shows that people just learned for the sake of getting money, not for actually learning. This is common today in countries like China and India, where people by-heart things instead of actually trying to learn.

    • I strongly agree with you Ash, the readings were kind of boring, but I think the problem was that there was not “story”, only defining what is an examination system and where and how it happened; but I think that we are obliged to pass by this “step” to do some further readings about this topic, it is vital to know what we are reading.

  3. After reading those two texts, I really thought that China takes their bureaucracy (administration) seriously. They make tests, not everyone passes, it, it takes a long time to sign in to pass the test… It is an obstacle course to get in! Think about how it is in our continent, the countries did not really took administration into very serious matters, soldier’s training is the most important for them. We basically thought only of war and they were more, philosophical, by putting all the importance on the administration part.
    Maybe this is another reason that China is more advanced than Europe, the examination system came from the Confucian Teachings, the similar thing happened in Europe in the 18th Century a very big gap of time! They were already anticipating on the future with strong bases, administration. We did not as them, pointed out administration. Maybe it is one of the several reasons…
    What do you think guys? Do you think they were and are more advanced? Examination system should have been existing in Europe so that there is no gap between Europe and China now? Do you think it matters or not?

  4. I remember we already read a little about this in class once. The Chinese seem to put a huge stress on education, which seems a bit over the top to me. Although education truly is an extremely important thing, I do not think that one should base their whole life on taking all these exams, etc. I understand what Charles was saying, that the Europeans were just thinking of war, but I don’t think stressing the public out about these examinations is any better. What the articles lack, is the true side of all this learning. We do not learn about the personal experiences, which would be extremely interesting. Don’t you guys think that we’d learn a lot from reading the memoirs of someone that went through all this? Ms. Fitz, do you think this is possible? In my opinion, a story like this would include all the hardships of these extensive teachings from a first hand source.

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