Nurhachi’s 7 Grievances



7 responses to “Nurhachi’s 7 Grievances

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  2. After read this reading about the life in China 1559- 1626 there is no question about that they needed Confucianism. The people lived under terrible circumstances because of the government who was awful. For example how the tribe had lived in the border region for hundreds of years then, all of a sudden the Ming sent troops to move the tribe. The army burned down their houses and occupied their land and then they just left them to die. Confucius is definitely needed there!

  3. Hannah’s comment is really good. I agree with every single word. I would also feel humiliation as the author describes it, just imagine how somebody just walks into your “area” and destroys everything that you and your family has built up for centuries. I can clearly see some parallels with the Holocaust for example. One thing that strikes me a bit, the Confucianism-reading that we read before said that the Confucianism was “created” 551 years before Christ, so this occurs more than 2000 years later. In this stage, should not the Confucianism be enough developed to stop this kind of actions?

  4. Yes Hanna I agree with you! With the dictatorship that was going on there and with how messed up the power distribution is, I’m sure they could get a lot of help from Confucius.
    It’s funny how in the Spence readings the government seemed so bureaucratic and good but in this reading, the Ming state and its leader is very corrupt. Though the time difference could have something to do with it.

  5. I had exactly the same question as Erik. Why hasn’t the teachings of Confucianism done anything to change what is going on in the readings? And how did the Manchu army defeat the Ming State army? It shows that the Ming Dynasty didn’t have a very strong army.

  6. One thing that struck me about the reading” Nurhaci’s Seven Grievances” is how separated the little private armies are! They are separated and against each other! In the same country, this cause civil war! Bad thing because to make a strong country you need to be unified. The South asks orders from the North. But there is also those “nine tribes” that are attacking the “Empire”. They are kind of against each other and they have also the tribes attacking problems, just making the thing worse. What do you think? Do you think the same?

  7. Now, my question is:
    What is the reason that they survived from all that bad events happening at this time, is it that they have a strong and “adequate” army as the Confucian Teachings said, is it thanks to the rulers or to the people? What do you think?

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