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Jonathan Spence: readings & assignments

A. J. Roberts: Reading & Assignments

Confucian Teachings.” Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook. Patricia Ebrey: Read 17-26.

Main Concepts of Confucianism

Nurhachi’s 7 Grievances

Chinese Examination system

Edicts: Wearing of the Queue


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5 responses to “READINGS & Assignments

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  2. For me, it was strange reading the part that said, “With the support of the southern dynasty, however, she was married to a Mongol. Who could stand such a humiliation?” That was from the ‘fifth grievance’. It’s not nice to think of people judging another’s nationality when it comes to any kinds of relationships. Even nowadays some people are judged based on their race or nationality, and it’s not right. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    What exactly was the list of grievances for, I didn’t understand. Is this what the Khan of the Jin kingdom wanted all the people to know, so that they would avoid these situations?

  3. This is a bit of a James Bond like article. The accusations of India towards a revered Tibetan leader living in India have been denied. He was accused of being a spy working under cover for the Chinese government. 1.5 million dollars and other foreign currencies were also found and seized from his home.
    Even though the Indians have been proven wrong, something seems a little fishy 😉 , imagine if a monk really was a spy, that would be quite funny.

    Here’s the link, it’s a short article but definitely worth reading :

    • Wrong page, Stefan. This is supposed to go on the “News: China” page. This one’s for the 3 page reading for tomorrow 😉

  4. For the first time in a reading I was interested about the topic. The seven grievances that the text talks about are all serious matters. I am surprised that the government did not take care of these matters as I thought that it was very organized at that time. I found the third grievance quite gory as they had to kill people for tresspassing.

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