Tokugawa Shogunate


  • Tokugawa Shogunate’s rule in Japan
  • Tokugawa economic and social structure
  • Social changes and discontent
  • Challenges to Tokugawa Shogunate’s rule

Tokugawa Shogunate (Wikipedia)

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Tozama Daimyo (Wikipedia)

Closed Country Edict (1635)

“The Way of the Samurai” (bushido 武士道)

Forty Seven Ronin

1798: Secret Plan for the Government, Honda Toshiaki

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2 responses to “Tokugawa Shogunate

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  2. Here are the 7 main virtues of Bushido along with the Japanese characters!

    Rectitude 義
    Courage 勇
    Benevolence 仁
    Respect 礼
    Honesty 誠
    Honour 名誉
    Loyalty 忠義


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