Opium War – Unequal Treaties


  • “The First Anglo-Chinese War of 1839-42 was about more than opium.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  • Explain why the Macartney, Amherst and Napier Missions to China failed. (N 06)
  • To what extent did the treaties imposed on China by the great powers in the years 1842 to 1844 satisfy the grievances of those powers? (M08)



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3 responses to “Opium War – Unequal Treaties

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  3. As we discussed in our essays last year the First Opium War was only about opium to a small extent.
    It can be argued that the war was a way for Britain to show the rest of Asia that it should not be disrespected as it was with the destruction of its opium shortly before the war.
    It can also be argued that the British were simply looking for a profitable trading partner or colony and that by waging war on China and winning they could have gained one.


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