IB History: China

Dear Padawan Scholars,

As summer is at our doorstep, I think of what I like about summer:

  1. Sun.
  2. Long days.
  3. Sleeping in and staying up late.
  4. Watching movies.
  5. Reading books.
  6. Taking photographs.  Viewing photographs.

Here are some suggestions for history reading this summer.  They are all on Kindle books.  Get connected for free and buy and read one of two of these.  Let’s chat about them.  I have read one (The Cold War) and am now reading two others (Kissinger on China and Pacific War).  Great reads.

Summer Reading

Connect  to some great movies on the Cold War.  You can add your other ideas.

History films

Finally, below is a link to a great discovery in photography.  I haven’t been so impressed for many years.


IB HL HISTORY: Curriculum for China

Discussion questions




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