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    I already mentioned this article in class today, but it’s still interesting for others to read. So many children in China are pressured to do so many activities and excell in their schoolwork that it’s affecting their sleep. For some of us, we might not be sleeping enough for reasons that seem similar, but I think that we have much more freedom on this matter. They are enforced to do this either by parents and teachers, or just the system. I think that it is very unfair towards these kids, and it certainly isn’t good for their health.

  4. Is China still an emerging economy?
    Reading through The Washington Post, I saw this quite interesting article, “Is China still an emerging economy?”, it is very interesting because China is rising up economically, and this article is about this discussion in Davos, Switzerland that if you count it as ising economy in the world like Bresil, or you consider it as “a big country” already that has a good politic, economy and government to rule the country by itself.
    What do you think guys? What is your opinion on China?
    Check the link below for more informations:

  5. As you guys probably know, Egypt is at unrest with a lot of protests going on against the government. This is all over the news, and in all of the online newspapers too. And according to the article that I read, the Chinese government has censored their search engines, to not allow the Chinese people to search the word “Egypt” and come up with the story of these protests. The government did this so that no one gets influenced by it, and so that no one in China tries to do the same. Do you guys think this is wrong or right? Does it seem like the government is just trying to protect the country and do what’s best for it, or the complete opposite?



    According to this article China is facing a food crisis. The same thing is happening in India. In India barely anyone uses onion anymore because the prices have increased to more than 3 times that of Estonia! Also groceries in general have become very expensive. In the article it also said that the main cause for this, is because the demand has increased by a lot.

    What do you think is the reason for the sudden rise of demand, not only in China but also in India? Could the reason also be because of less supply, since more and more farmers are moving to town?

  7. The 30th of January 2011, Chen Xiwen, the director of the office for the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee’s Leading Group on Rural Work, said on Sunday that China is gonna invest 608 billions of dollars in water conservation. Can you imagine how much is that? For water? I guess they think that because now, people (them too) are less following ecology’s rules. They want to make some stocks for the future. Is it a good idea? Should we do the same, or be more optimistic and not do it? go check the link to have more information about it.

    • Wow 608 billion dollars is a huge, enormous, amount of money! But it is for a good cause and I believe it to be a great idea and other countries should follow as water is not an endless source. But what will happen when there is so much pollution that the natural sources of water will be contaminated? Will we have to drink chemically made water ? I sure hope not because I love clean and natural water !!

  8. The world is experiencing and will experience a very cold winter this year. The south Bohai sea, in China, already froze in December 2010 and was abnormally thick says Li, a Chinese fisherman. They even had to close the Laizhou Port, which had never been closed in the past. This means that import and export of goods can not occur which will cause a loss of money. If the cause of this is pollution, then isn’t it wrong, because I thought that pollution was supposed to cause global Warming ?!! Seems strange to me . Anyway here’s the link. Might not be the most interesting article, but I just found it “paradoxical” that the world was supposed to be getting warmer but its getting colder ! :p

    • Yeah that is paradoxical. But the reason for the world getting colder can be because of so many different things. It might seem the world is getting colder but if there was to be less pollution in the world I’m sure it would be even colder now.

  9. I read this article about smoking with a really disgusting picture. Also I found out that there are 1 m people a year that dies prematurely because of their smoking.
    Dr Sarah England has discovered that if the smokers in china don’t quit and the “death wave” decreases it would have serious effect on Chinas Economy.

  10. I found this very interesting article in the ChinaDaily Europe newspaper. China increases its forest areas! It rosed from 18.21 percent to 20.36 percent. The vice minister said, that from 2003 to the end of 2008, the net increase of the national forest area amounted 20.543 million hectares. Pretty good score! Zhu Lieke, the vice minister of the State Forestry Administration of China, said that doing that is “important material basis for the existence and development of the mankind”. Do not know if this will happen in Europe or Amazona! They keep cutting trees even right now in Amazona!
    Check out the link below to see the (text) interview with Zhu Lieke:


    This is kind of a strange article, but it’s still quite important. It says that parents in Hong Kong are unable to buy baby milk powder, which can be a very serious matter. This means that babies are not being fed properly, and that is obviously not a good thing. It also mentioned how 300,000 babies were poisoned in China two years ago because of melamine-tainted milk powder. This article in general just makes me think about how people in China think of children. I’ve also heard stories about how toys for children that are made in China contain many poisonous chemicals, which can be harmful to kids. These headlines are actually very serious, because the people in China could be destroying each generation of kids more and more. I think that something should be done about it, and that the government should really care about it more. Kids are the future, and if they have all been poisoned… There will be no future.. 😀

  12. From your knowledge of Chinese geography and climate’s influence on it’s history, why do you think Chinese leaders are ‘alarmed’ about this severe drought in northern China? What has the Chinese government done to prevent famine?

    Check out today’s article on the drought in the New York Times .

  13. The British foreign secrectary, William Hague, suffered a cyber attack coming from a chinese internet spy. It is said that cyber espionnage is becoming more of a threat. The malicious software was received in an email, which looked “innocent”, as said William Hague’s secretary.

    Anyway check it out :


    I know this might not be the most interesting article about China ever but I think it’s pretty cool. There were about 300,000 people in China using Facebook in December, then in less than 4 weeks it more than doubled into 694,000 members. Can you believe that, ONE month??! What happened?

    • That is actually quite interesting, haha. It’s interesting because of the relation we can all share with it, since we all use Facebook quite regularly. I don’t see why the numbers would double in only one month. What could be the cause of that? You know, when I thought of China and the internet, I didn’t think that Facebook would be allowed, since the Chinese government censors all the media in China. Do you think that the Chinese people have a ‘modified’ version of Facebook? Without all the information we can get from it?

  15. As you probably know, there are protests going on in Egypt. China has sent planes to evacuate Chinese nationals from Egypt, since they are stranded there. Do you think this event might cause China to look at Egypt in a bitter way. Is it possible that there are Chinese officials (or officials from any other country) in Egypt, who are being threatened along with the Egyptian government?

  16. This article really showed me the very good transport system in China, “1during the fifteen days (Jan. 19 to Feb. 2) before the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Railways said.” They did a great job for transporting Chinese people for this festival, “77.34 million passengers in 15 days”, it is crazy, if France could do that…
    Check out the link for more informations:

  17. As you probably know, the Chinese New Year or the Chinese Lunar New Year as it often is called just occurred (February 3 ).
    The Chinese Lunar New Year is one of the most important traditional Chinese holidays for the Chinese people.
    All of you who lives near Tallinn city knows that they also celebrated it over here and they did not use any small fireworks!

  18. I found this crazy article about the Chinese New Year Holiday.
    Like everyone else China celebrates the New Year with firework, and not small ones. They are doing it as a tradition to ward off evil spirits. Now the fireworks are blamed for all the rising amount of fires around the country. The article says that: “Firefighters fought 5,945 fires nationwide during the 32-hour span from the beginning of Wednesday”. Can it be the evil spirits causing all of this maybe 😉

  19. I found this very interesting article, as you probably know, most of the gold, that comes from the mines are nearly all in Africa, (especially South Africa), but even for gold records, the prize goes to China! China has everything it is crazy! Can you imagine, they are the world’s largest gold producer since in 2007 and they have 700 domestic gold producers there! Even more than Africa! Another good thing, it is that there is less chance for China to have inflation, because gold does not depend on currency changes. A good economical supply for China.
    Check out the link below for more informations:

  20. This is an interesting one! Did you know that China is the world’s largest producer of gold at the moment? If China knew how to get and found gold during the Ming Dynasty. Do you think that they should have used this gold instead of the Silver that the Portuguese brought which resulted in inflation?

    • I had no idea that China produced that much gold, actually. I don’t know why, though. I had no idea that China has gold mines in general. I guess I don’t know enough about gold and it’s mining, really. Does China use it’s powers wisely in this field?

  21. Hannah, yours was quite interesting. It’s weird that they continue to use so many fireworks even though they cause a lot of fires, which is very harmful to the people and their environment. Almost everyone uses or watches the fireworks for New Year celebrations usually, but not as many as the Chinese it seems. I wonder if it really does fight off the evil spirits! 😉

    Related also to the Chinese New Year, I found an article about how people were killed during the ‘celebration’. Many people, even in our part of the world drink more on a New Years celebration, which causes a lot more drunk driving accidents than usual. So, China is no different, and this happens over there too! I wonder if the government is thinking of a way to stop it. Maybe some of their accidents are also caused by looking at the huge fireworks everywhere!

  22. This is a bit of a James Bond like article. The accusations of India towards a revered Tibetan leader living in India have been denied. He was accused of being a spy working under cover for the Chinese government. 1.5 million dollars and other foreign currencies were also found and seized from his home.
    Even though the Indians have been proven wrong, something seems a little fishy 😉 , imagine if a monk really was a spy, that would be quite funny.

    Here’s the link, it’s a short article but definitely worth reading :


    Heres an article about how the drought has caused production of grains to reduce. This drought is probably the cause of increase in prices of vegetables and basic groceries. Take a look at the article above.

  24. Here is a good article to show how bad people can live, migrant workers, they leave all their family, friends to another city or even country to get a job or a better one, to earn more money. It is a sad fact but we need to face it. Especially in China, where, it is like India, there is very poor and very rich people. So thousands of people just go to a stand and check if their name is written on the jobs so that they can have a proper life.
    Here is the link for more informations:

    Here’s an old article about pollution. It seemed that there was so much pollution that it caused a thick cloud of brown smoke, which was a mile thick at the most and which blocked out sunlight. The problem doesn’t stop there. If there is wind then the brown clouds can be blown to other countries or states, even to California!

    Hopefully they’ll eventually eradicate this pollution and find other sources of energy.

    • Pollution in the air is so horrible. I can relate to this article, just not in such extremes. I was in Los Angeles almost two years ago, and when driving into the city, you could literally see all the pollution right over the buildings. It was kind of gross to think about, that I was breathing all that in. What can be done about this kind of pollution? Is there any way to solve it?

    I just found this news article about tics killing a lot of people in China and that it is rising of how many it is. I think this is kind of scary because we have a lot of tics in Sweden and I have always been really scared of being bitten since my friend got really sick from it a few years ago.

  27. At the moment, drought occurs in China. Just a couple of days ago, light to moderate snow fell across the most of the drought-hit areas in the northern, central and eastern of China. This brought positive consequence on the winter wheat crops which has had a long-lasting dry.

    “But the volume, so far, is small so its drought-relief effect is limited,” Yang said.

  28. China’s roads and transport networks have always been very advanced and complex to suit a high number of travelers. According to China’s transport authorities China aims to expand the rural road network by 3.9 million km by 2015. This is incredible as China always wants to advance in society and go ahead.

    Here’s the link :

  29. A Chinese hacker stole important information from a western oil company. This is not the first time recently that Chinese hackers have been found.


    This article talks about how China has banned smoking scenes in films and TV shows. They believe that when people see actors in films light up and smoke, it influences them into trying it too, thus eventually getting addicted. It’d be interesting to then find out if this change has caused a decrease in the amount of people who start to smoke. Do you guys think that this could really help to stop getting people to start smoking? Obviously it wouldn’t really affect long time smokers, they wouldn’t stop smoking just because those scenes are no longer on TV, but it could really stop teenagers from starting the bad habit.

  31. I found this article about how Chinese let Chinese criminals walk down a public street for “shaming”. But now the government banned this because of all the protests. I think this shaming thing is very odd way to punish criminals.

  32. I found this very interesting article about China, and, again, a positive one. The Prime minister in China, said that there is a social progress, the prime minister said: “A country’s prosperity not only lies in its economic development, but also its social progress.” So for China, it is important to progress in the science, education, culture, health and sports fields but not only in economy.
    What do you think guys? Do you think he is true? Do you need to have those two things to become better?
    Check out the link for more information:

  33. It is not rare that kids get abducted in China. A few months ago, the attempts to find lost kids went straight up, this is a result of microblogs!

    Read this article about a boy from central China’s Hubei Province that just have been reunited with his family after three years of abduction.

  34. This article, one of the first article on CNTV, about China being 2nd largest economy in the world in 2010! Can you imagine? China, as we are stuying now, came from a long way to be there! But, maybe too much optimistic, but a Japanese economist, said that now, in China, peope spend more money on durable things such as automobiles, and that it is a great thing for Japan because there is a lot of sales of automobiles in Japan, very rentable. He maybe means that Japan is not so far away from China. Is Japan going to catch up? Is China really going to lost Japan and be struggling with the United States of America? What do you think guys?
    Anyway, check out the link for more information:
    This link is a video summarizing the article, look at it if you want:

  35. Here’s an article about China already setting up their olympic training base in Leeds, England. This is to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

    Guys, do you think China will win the Olympics in 2012 also? why or why not?


    ah oh..
    I found an article about a flue called A/H1N1 and how a 62-year-old man died from it…. Hopefully it won’t spread to us!

  37. I found this article that makes you think a lot: “Chinese consumers squeezed by rising prices”. Yes, there is a kind of a little inflation in China! Very strange because they have a very strong economy which makes inflation impossible in China! I thought the same but you need to keep in mind that China, as India as, a very different kind of people, some are very very rich and some live with less than half a euro a day. Which makes a big difference! But the other bad thing is that it is in every domain! Everything is more expensive! The fuel, food, energy and even the prices of houses! I really hope that China will go back to normal to avoid a crisis or any bad event! But I am pretty sure they will! 😉
    Check out the link below to read the article for more information:

    • They actually have a lot of inflation going on right now. They have a strong economy thats true but their demand is so large that if something stops farmers from growing food (like natural calamities), then it will dramatically influence the price of food. I heard that this year there were very bad floods in many Asian countries, which is causing food inflation as they cannot grow food if there is too much water.


    Here is an article about CHina improving medical services. This means better health insurance, more investment in the medical sector, better and more services. At this rate China is going to overtake the U.S. in development soon.


    Since high speed trains are usually more expensive than the slower ones, the workers of China are against these high speed trains. This could make the trains have to go slower, just so that they could be cheaper, and more people could afford them. Do you guys think that’s fair? There should probably be options for a high speed one which is expensive, and a lower speed one which is for much cheaper.

  40. On my blog, I have written about China’s Railway system. I just found this article which is related to that. The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress – which is the top legislature of China – have agreed to dismiss their Railways Minister, Liu Zhijun from his post.
    The reason for the dismiss would that Liu was under an investigation for alleged “severe violation of discipline”.

    • Has anyone done any follow up to this China Daily report? I would suggest that you always check other sources. I found this article on BBC: This article writes, “It gave no details, but in the past similar language has been used to refer to allegations of corruption.” The article goes on to say, “Last year, China publicly admitted in a report that its corruption problem was “still very serious”, setting out new measures to tackle it. The report said that more than 200,000 cases – including embezzlement and bribery – had been investigated since 2003. The document was released after the introduction of new rules requiring members of the governing Communist Party to report incomes and investments. However, critics say corruption is ingrained in the system and new regulations will not solve the problem.”

    • I found an even more interesting and more complete article in the February 12th New York Times:

      “The inquiry raises questions about China’s deep investment in high-speed railways, a vast nationwide initiative that has been a favorite project of Mr. Liu, who has spent his entire career in the ministry.”

      More interestingly, “In April 2006, Mr. Liu’s younger brother, Liu Zhixiang, was given a suspended death sentence by a court in Hubei Province for hiring people to kill a man who had revealed that he was a corrupt official. The brother, who was the head of the railways bureau in the city of Wuhan, was also convicted of taking bribes and embezzling public funds and property worth more than $5 million over a nine-year period.”

  41. In Libya, especially in Tripoli (the capital) because it has not been taken from the opposants of Gaddafi, Libya slowly falls into anarchy. Here is an article on the Washington P0st, saying that the United States of America and Europe both put pressure onto the Libyan leader because he is not following the Human Rights, buying some mercenaries to kill the rioters and to bring back calm to Libya and that he stays in control too. This is why the U.S and Europe are helping, firstly, the opponents to Gaddafi and also the refugees living there.
    Here is the link for the article:
    Here is the link for the summary of this article by a video:

  42. Hannah Bytoft
    I found this article that tells us how the majority of the ones protesting are young and all they really want is more freedom when it comes to society. Also they want a more modernized economy where they can have better jobs, and more of a Western life.
    This is related to what we discussed in class. How they closed down schools and universities and that it actually makes the students join the protests more because they don’t have much else to do.

    • Hannah Bytoft

      This is related to what we discussed in class, how they closed down schools and universities and that it actually makes the students join the protests more because they don’t have much else to do.

    • charlesrugby95

      This article is very interesting Hannah! I can understand why most of the rioters are youths, they care about their future or even about now: they are jobless, they think that if the country continue this regime with dictators or soldiers the country educationally will not be as good as it should be and so much less people will do the whole school process maybe leaving the school for helping their parents for maybe agriculture, it happened in France also, not exactly the same but there was riots in Paris not a long time ago for the retire time, and 90% of the people in the streets of France were youths.

      • This is an interesting article, in my opinion. I agree with everything stated by Hannah and Charles. Younger generations have more reason to want a change in the system, because of modernisation and also like Charles said, so that their future is better. Usually older people prefer to stay traditional and leave things as they are, whereas each new generation brings new ideas and changes to the world. The countries really needed a change, and the youths were very inspired to do so, for their future’s are at stake, and in the end- it worked, which is very successful and fulfilling for them.


    The president of Iran thinks that after the Arab revolt, other countries will also take after this example and start a revolt against the governments they dislike. Although European and Northern American governments are not nearly as bad as the ones were in the Middle East, this would still cause a huge uprising if he is correct. Do you guys think it could happen? Which countries would want to rise up and overthrow their system?

    • Yes it is possible that in countries where the people aren’t satisfied with the government that there will be more protests. This revolution started in Tunisia and already it has spread to several other countries. Imagine if this revolution spreads to China (which rumors say it already has) then this would disrupt the economy and import/export there. This would mean it would disturb the whole world’s economy as China is the biggest exporter in the world. That could cause revolutions where China exports to also.

    • I hardly doubt that the Arab revolution would affect Europe by a revolution. However, if I need to find some kind of result of the Arab revolution. I would expect people to get influenced, motivated of this. I think that a smaller uprising would be possible. The smaller uprising would occur in some of the “PIGS”-countries ( When having in mind that their economy has not been the best in latest years. We all knows what bad economy can lead to after we have studied Russia, food shortages is one.
      Expect that I cannot really imagine a revolution or similar to get established in Europe. Maybe, maybe that areas with that has got citizens which has got some kind of connection to the countries where this Arab revolution occur, would get motivation from this and start to demonstrate as well. Either towards their government in their old countries, or towards the government in their currently country.

  44. I found an interesting article about the digital medias – such as Facebook for example – roll in the Arab revolution, which according to the article was crucial of how to organize the protest etc.

    One activist which attended the protest in Cairo tweeted the following message:
    “We use Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world,”
    (The four first paragraphs)

    • Hannah Bytoft

      I think that is very interesting and smart that they use Facebook. However won’t it be easier for military forces to prepare and stop them?

      • Yeah that’s true, if it’s so public, then I think that people that are working for the military would be able to be prepared for what awaits them. So maybe it’s not that good of an idea after all… Who knows, maybe the military people don’t check facebook at all 😀


    This is about how Gadhafi got his assets in America and England frozen. Both America and England are disgusted by Gadhafi’s continuous violations of human rights. It looks as if the whole world is turning against him.

    • sshakespeare95

      The fact that the whole world may turn against him is quite extreme as people are fighting on his side as well, but it looks like he has got many enemies ! And in the article it says that this is the “first step”, I wonder what the “second step” will be.

  46. sshakespeare95

    This article is about government protesters who fought off military troops from entering the key city in Libya. The battle lasted 6 hours, and occurred during the night. This shows how much anger and hatred the rebels have towards their government. They want change, and the way that they are going, they might get it !


    This is an article where one of the EU Commissioners apologizes for previous European support of dictators in the Arab world.

    The article says, “EU commissioner Stefan Fuele has offered an unprecedented mea culpa for Europe’s history of support for dictators across north Africa. Criticising what he called the view of a “rather offensive ‘Arab exception’ towards democracy”, he told MEPs in Brussels on Monday (28 February): “We must show humility about the past. Europe was not vocal enough in defending human rights and local democratic forces in the region.”

  48. charlesrugby95

    I chose this article for a very particular reason: it is the only article I saw about riots in the Middle East and North Africa in a chinese newspaper. It says that no riots like the one happening in Africa will be reproduced in China. Chinese government said officially: “Riots will not be inspired in China”.
    They say that they take people demand’s very seriously… Are they trying to force people thinking that everything that happened in Africa caused only problems: economical, social, political, industrial… Of course they do not want people to do thew same than in Africa so that Communism will stay longer upon China.
    what do you think?
    Check out the link for more informations:

    • It’s very interesting that such an article came on a Chinese paper at all. Usually in a communist state such things would be censored. Yes, it is possible that they gave the revolution in the Middle East a bad name so that people will not take that route.


    As we know the education in China is very important, now the parents are questioning the kindergarten teachers about them being unlicensed. Which is very understandable!

    • I’m sure in large countries, such things happen because its hard to see what each and every person is doing. But yes, it is very understandable!

  50. China has provide 30 million yuan ($4.57 million) to assistance Japan after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake which resulted into a tsunami.

    It sounds a bit like in the olden days, when China helped and protected the small countries from outer threats, at the same times as the small countries gave China “presents” for China’s incredible thoughtfulness. (I cannot remember the term for it at the moment…)

  51. Maureen Fitzmahan

    Tributary system. Yes, you are right it does sound like the responsibility China had for its neigbors. Today, in a globalized world, it is heart warming that countries take care of each other when they are in need. Japan has been very generous to others countries when they have needed help.

  52. charlesrugby95

    I would like to share this article about the choice the G8 (group of 8 countries created by France in 1975) made about the Arab revolution. They decided to make a no-fly zone. What does it mean? It simply means that they will decided a perimeter where Colonel Gaddafi’s fightjets cannot enter. Unfortunately, we know that Colonel Gaddafi is a bit “crazy” and if he let one of its aircraft enter the zone, the aircraft will be automatically destroyed by UN’s planes.
    Check out the link for more informations:


    I know this isn’t about China but i think it’s still important

    This really gives you an insight about the damage that the tsunami and earthquake caused in Japan.

  54. I got a invite on Facebook that said “protest”, so i checked it out. It is from China and how they are making furs that people wear. It was undercover investigators who manage to record what they did. Chocking. Disgusting. I must warn you guys before you watch the movie!! I did not see the whole thing. However, I saw maybe the first 5 seconds and then closed it down right away.

    BE WARNED and ready to close it!!

    Also you can sign up on Facebook that you are against it.

    • It’s very sad that such things are happening. I hope that soon enough people will come to realize that this is morally wrong.

    • I’ve seen this video before, it’s absolutely disgusting. I cannot stand this animal cruelty, it absolutely sickens me.

    • charlesrugby95

      I could not resist, and I played the movie 😦
      Now, I cannot imagine, this is, as Ash said morally wrong, it is the worst thing to do on animals! I suggest that we should all sign up to protest against those disgusting things.

      • It really is a horrible film. Although, I do think it’s important that people see it. Because we don’t really think about these things, but a lot of animals are being tortured all the time, and it just makes me sick. I wish there was something we could do about it, more than just sign a petition.

  55. China sends a second huge batch of humanitarian aid to Japan!

    China which already have provided Japan with humanitarian aid, send another batch of help yesterday. The batch of humanitarian aid contained 60,000 bottles of mineral water and 3.25 million pairs of rubber gloves.
    The totally weight of the whole package was measured to 96 tonnes and was 473 cubic meters in size!

    I personally thinks that it is great that other contries provides nation that has being effected of an earthquake for example. I am just worried about that it does not exist a good enough administrial “community”so everybody who needs help gets it.

    • It’s very good that China is helping. In fact, I think it is vital for each country to pitch in for Japan to recover quick and well.

      • Yes, it really is a good thing that China is helping Japan, because they really need all the support that they can get. A lot of other countries have also sent people and money over, which is also very great. It’s good to know that governments can also help one another!

    • charlesrugby95

      China, very close to Japan, looks like are very nice and friendly to their neighbor, Japan, they sent their 2nd aid, what a very good idea that countries should do to help those poor Japanese 😦

  56. charlesrugby95

    “Obama says U.S. cannot afford repeat of Iraq in Libya”
    I chose this article because of the rebellions happening in North Africa. It is also a reflexion’s subject. Here, US’s president, Barack Obama, says that he cannot “afford” the same thing as what happened in Irak, which means a big war requiring a lot of money, equipment and a lot of soldiers which means very big sacrifies such as broken families. Also, when I was watching the French news, the French minister of the foreign affairs, Alain Juppé, saying that the Irak war started by airstrikes, which is true, but is scaring all the countries involved in this “fight”. This is maybe why maybe the countries involved, such as U.K, U.S, France… will maybe abandon this fight that can last an infinite time.
    What do you think guys? Do you think it is better to continue? Is it wiser to stop? Give ideas :)!
    Here is the link for more information:

    • I think its wiser to stop because look at what happened to Iraq. The U.S. intervened to try and kill Saddam Hussein and they managed to do it but still they have to stay in Iraq because the defeat of Saddam has spurred chaos.

  57. China is going to make a plan of how to reduce air and water pollution between 2011 and 2015. As one person called Li said “It is high time that we addressed these problems.” I agree with this to a 100%. Between 2006 and 2010 the pollution almost dabbled. Holding my fingers crossed that China will succeed!

    • It is very good that China is taking the efforts to reduce pollution! All countries should follow what China is doing!

    • That’s a really good thing! Hopefully this will succeed because China is a country that produces major pollution in the world!

    • charlesrugby95

      It is very good for the planet, today, in the China Daily, they said that around 2030, the pollution in China will decrease a lot thanks to the electric cars.


    China states that the U.S. is increasing its military presence near China. China says that it is becoming dangerous. Do you think that there might be a conflict between China and the U.S regarding these issues?

    • charlesrugby95

      Personally, when I saw in the news that the Chinese president met Obama, it said “bitterly”. This simple word explains a lot, the relations between China and the U.S are not very good since they both are very wealthy countries, there is kind of an “economical conflict “between them.


    Also relating to military, China seeks to improve its military in 2011. The budget will increase by about 12 percent. What do you think about this action taken by China?

    • charlesrugby95

      I think that soon, because of the possession of Nuclear weapons, there might be a war of China, Korea and the U.S maybe because of the very bitter relations they have with those countries.


    This article is about how China wants to rebuild their trust with their surrounding neighbours. I found it quite interesting, because for some reason, I always thought of China wanting to stick on their own, and not care for their neighbours that much because they seem to have everything they need. I don’t really know why I had this opinion, but anyway, it’s good that they want to be closer to their neighbouring countries! Do you guys think this is good? Will this affect the world in any way?

    • charlesrugby95

      Me too, I have the same opinion, it is because, a long time ago, China decided to close all the economical relations with all the countries they were dealing with. It caused a big trouble, few European nations decided to go there and declared a war against them. However, their neighbors, like Japan and Korea at the time we study, they were sending several “tributes” to them, more than 3 tributes a year. H0wever, as the time passed, the relations between China and his neighbors deteriorated. It of course make the international relations worse, and now, that some countries have the nuclear weapon, there might be “the WW3 in 2012 as Ash said 😉

    • This is a very interesting article indeed! I think that China is getting a bit uncomfortable with the U.S. stationing more troops near China. Those countries don’t have the best of relations. In addition to that, surrounding countries are also getting more powerful (Korea, Japan and India all have very strong military powers). Therefore China wants to make sure that there are no bitter relations so there is a smaller chance that they will get involved in a war.

      • charlesrugby95

        Also, there is one big point between all those “mysterious relations”between those countries is: the nuclear bomb. It can change everything! One country throw one, and, for sure the WW3 will be declared! Although the relations are stabilizing, I hope that they will not get into a war and instead unify and help the innocents getting killed by Gaddafi.


    This is an extremely strange article. There is a toddler in China who weighs five times more than a child his age should weigh. He’s three years old, and weighs over 60 kilograms. That is even more than me!!

    His parents don’t know what to do with him, and his legs don’t support his body enough. I think that soon, if he continues to eat at this rate, he won’t be able to walk at all! Which is absolutely horrible.

    He eats whatever he wants, and if he isn’t given food by his parents when he wants it, then he doesn’t stop crying. I think that the parents are too big of pushovers, they are really endangering their child’s health and life by giving in to his demands so easily.

    This boy needs to get back to being a healthy weight, and fast!!

    • charlesrugby95

      This is very sad because if he does not get back to a normal weight, he can die very soon. Also, sometimes, it is not their fault, it is the fault of their parents, that they did not show him or explained him what is good or bad or healthy to eat. It happens to several people in the world and most of them do not get “the taste of life” and die at an early age. After reading this article, you can consider yourself lucky to live without such big problems.

      • The thing is, that the child is too young to even make his own decisions about what he’ll be eating. It’s really, completely the parents fault. They are the ones that provide the food for him whenever he wants. He is a toddler and it’s not really his fault at all. Because, whenever he cries for food, the parents just give it to him straight away, and he eats a lot every time. If the parents didn’t give in like this, and were a bit more strict, their child would not have this major health problem.

    • charlesrugby95

      I totally agree with you Anna 🙂
      I was just saying…. for example, if you were the parents, you were forced to give your child a lot of food otherwise he will be unhappy and cry and scream all the time. Then, you are kind of forced to do this… You understand? 🙂

    • Wow 60 kg! I’m sure even if he manages to get back to normal weight, he will endure long-term consequences such as the bending of his leg bones.


    This is another article that is quite strange. Chinese scientists are adding human genes into cows so that the milk they produce is basically… human milk. They think that this milk will be better for human consumption, and it will replace formula milk.

    I find this kind of gross, though. I don’t think I could ever drink milk from a cow that is actually, pretty much human milk…

    What do you guys think about this? Would you ever drink this?

  63. charlesrugby95

    It personally makes me remember that when I read in a magazine. It said that soon or late, biologists will “know too much about genetics” and create problems of mixing genetics creating enormous problems. Of course I will never drink this, you never know what is in it and so far the “normal” milk has not brought me any diseases. Anyway, the experiment is clever and intelligent but must be absolutely controlled.

  64. Yes, I agree with Charles. Such experiments or products must be carefully tested before putting it into production as Humans were never made to drink human milk after a certain age. This human milk could end up being dangerous as everything has consequences to it!


    This is a very interesting article about the breakdown of human rights in China. China took this action in order to eliminate the possibility of a revolution ,similar to that of the revolution in the Middle East, from happening. China already sees the sprouts of a revolution. Do you think this action taken by the Chinese government will cause more of an unrest or not?

    • charlesrugby95

      I agree, in the Chinese news, I saw absolutely no articles about revolutions in the Middle-East. They are making their maximum against any type of revolution in China. When you said that it will bring unrest or not, it reminds me of the book Fahrenheit 451, when you ban something people want absolutely to have it or see it simply because of human curiosity. I think it will bring some unrests personally.


    Also another article from BBC. It’s about how China’s population is getting older. I’m actually not surprised by this because now there are new medicines and the standard of living has increased so much that people can live for a significantly longer time than before. There is also a law in China stating that a couple can have a limited amount of children. This two things make China’s population older.
    A consequence that can be as a result of this is that the economy can be affected badly as there will be less people available to work as the population gets older.
    What do you think?

    • That is very interesting Ash! I know that, in Europe the country the most affected will be: Germany. They are so high-technology in the medicine department and are not the type of persons to have a lot of children. Also, for the economy part, they will kind of suffer, they will have less workforce (young people able to work in any type of firms) and will have to delocalize their companies… It will have a great impact…

  67. charlesrugby95

    When I saw this article, I directly thought of what we are doing right now in History class: Foreign trade between Britain and China. This article talks about Europe trying to convince China to change their trading rates and also to buy (or import) more good from Europe! What a coincidence! I invite you to read more about it.
    The link for more informations:

  68. charlesrugby95

    this article is on the international relations; especially here on the relations between China and France! They met because they are the one that are the “permanent members” of the U.N, they have got to think of ways to improve what is happening in the world: for example, how to stop such dictators, how to avoid terrorism that is growing, where to put the U.N forces, where would they be the most effective… They have got to think about all this. I hope they will find some ideas on how to solve some problems occurring now.
    Check out the link for more information:

    • I don’t think one meeting can solve all these problems. I think the leaders have to understand that terrorists etc. will keep on occurring. There will always be a person that thinks differently and that carries out actions differently.

      • charlesrugby95

        Yes, of course it is true Ash. However, it is better than nothing. Also, I think that they are kind of busy all the time. U.N has to deal with thousands of problems all over the world. At least they will probably make radical decisions to end some unnecessary violence.

  69. charlesrugby95

    This one article is kind of unbelievable, but you must admit it is true, China, the best “economic partner” of Malaysia, signed 8 contracts, yes 8. And… Guess how much money all those contracts were worth… 8 billions dollars! Can you imagine! That is very crazy and… of course, true. China has a very good economy as you all know, they make so much money in so short time because of their work labour that is not very expensive. Also, the foreign firms, come there because they are so cheaper than locally. It is a very crazy article, but we should all know that China, economically goes very, very fast!
    The link fore more informations:

    • I’m sure that 8 billion dollars for China is nothing 😛
      But I agree with you, China has a humongous economy and even now it still develops so fast!

      • charlesrugby95

        It is very true, they are economically growing very fast. However, in this period, they are suffering inflation, not a good thing at all in economy. I am surte they are going to deal this problem and that it will continue as usual.

  70. charlesrugby95

    This article is very interesting and show us how sharp China is on High-Technologies: “Piracy of software declines in China”
    Even if the European countries are struggling against illegal softwares like Limewire, eMule… Anyway, China is dealing this with, apparently no problems and even a decrease of 2%. Again and again, this article shows how great China is in nearly all things (ex. economy, security, sports…)
    Read more about it if you want:

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