Maps and Geography

Make a 3 Dimensional Map of Russia: include-climate, waterways, precipitation, soil, vegetation.


Map study: locations of film, “The Barber of Siberia”

Map study: Russia and surrounding countries

Geography of Russia (Wikipedia) (define geography)

ASSIGNMENT: Discussion thread on this blog: From your study of Russian geography and your map study, what positive and negative geographic factors would you expect to influence the course of history in Russia? see: BBC. “Roman Rise and Fall ‘Recorded in Trees’” 14 January 2011.  DUE: One comment due today (21 January-Friday), 2nd comment due on Tuesday (25 February).

Each response must:

  1. Acknowledge the previous entry/ies from your classmate/s
  2. Include evidence to support your point of view
  3. Take turns writing
  4. At least 2 entries required for each student. (extra credit for more)
  5. Write like a young scholar.  Be careful of English, write appropriately, use well thought out ideas, have fun.
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