Big Idea and Essential Questions

Paper 1: Peacekeeping (source analysis)
Paper 3: Interwar years: conflict and cooperation 1919‑39

Big Idea
* Post war attempts to prevent future war

Essential Questions
1.  What were the post war aims of the winners?
2.  What was the post war aims of the losers?
3.  To what extent was the Versailles Treaty (and other treaties ) responsible for the failure of the peace of 1919-1935?
4. For what reasons, and to what extent, did attempts to achieve collective security between 1919 and 1939 fail?
5. To what extent was idealism responsible for failure ot the peace?
6. What factors led to WW II?
7.  What caused the rise of dictatoships out of the ashes of WW I?
8. To what extent was the health of the successor states responsible for the success or failure of the peace between 1919-1939?
9.  To what extent was post-war revisionism, economic crises responsible for the challenges to democracy and political legitimacy in Italy, Germany and Spain.
10.  What was the geopolitical and economic impact of the treaties on Europe?
11. What was the establishment and impact of the mandate system ?
12.  What was the impact of the enforcement of the provisions of the treaties?
13.  To what extent was US isolationism and the retreat from the Anglo–American Guarantee responsible for the failure ot the peace?
14.  To what extent was disarmament—Washington, London, Geneva conferences  effective?
15.  What was the effect of the absence of major powers in the League of Nations?; the principle of collective security and early attempts at peacekeeping (1920‑5)
16.  What impact did the Ruhr Crisis (1923); Locarno and the “Locarno Spring” (1925) have on the peace?
17. To what extent was the Depression a threats to international peace and collective security?
18. To what extent was Manchuria (1931‑3) and Abyssinia (1935‑6) a threat to collective security and why?


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