RESEARCH #1 : Delay of modernization in 19th century China

RESEARCH #1 : To what extent was Confucianism responsible for the delay of modernization in 19th century China?

Causes of delayed modernization

  1. Confucianism
  2. Traditional values
  3. Missionaries
  4. Western imperialism (war, foreign debts, lost customs tax)
  5. Unequal treaties (West, Japan)
  6. Internal  revolt
  7. Lack of sound infrastructure
  8. Antiquated government
  9. Lack of governmental support
  10. Opium (social (addiction), impact on economy)
  11. Limited resources
  12. Limited technology
  13. Isolation

Confucianism and industrialization

The impact of Opium in China

Floods and lack of infastructure


3 responses to “RESEARCH #1 : Delay of modernization in 19th century China

  1. Great higher level thinking on Grace’s part in Friday’s class!

    Below is a synopsis of Grace’s argument.

    Although, It can be argued that the Brits were instrumental in the Chinese delay in modernizing (i.e. Introducing opium, draining silver out of the market, taking Chinese revenues needed for modernizing, etc.), it was also the foreigners that forced the Chinese to modernize (and provided expertise, teachers, modern machines, management techniques) when they were not inclined to modernize because of their conservative Confucian values, autocratic government and isolation from modern innovations.

  2. Great piece Grace!

    I know that Grace, when focused, is capable of a high level of analysis and commentary. I believe distractions such as her challenge to rest the body & mind given her sleep disorder, contribute to the difficulty in offering this level of work regularly. I hope we can all help Grace to reach her capacity as a learner and her maturation intellectually. She is a very bright young woman.

  3. This looks like it would have been really interesting to read. Where is the article? I can only see the contents.

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