The Nanjing Treaty, fair ain’t it?

Hey guys, I was just looking at the wikipedia page for the Nanjing Treaty and saw this awesome pictureThe Chinese to British ratio seems very well balanced right?

I think it really shows how fair the whole Nanjing Treaty was, I wonder wether this picture is a good depiction of the whole situation. Anyone have any good info?


2 responses to “The Nanjing Treaty, fair ain’t it?

  1. Once again good old Mike is here to save you from having to copy down the information on the board, here are the notes on what was inside of the Treaty of Nanjing:

    -New cities (4, it was then 5 in total) opened for trade to the British
    -Payment of a lot of money to the British
    -“Honkong given forever”
    -Fix taxes on trade
    -Released British prisoners
    -British promised to leave the “Grand Canal” and Yangxi River
    -British consuls had the right to have contact directly with Chinese officials

    Thank me later,

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