Opium Wars!

Post your research, ideas and questions about the opium wars.


2 responses to “Opium Wars!

  1. looking for a quick list of the reasons for the opium war? Look no further, Mike is here to make your search easier:
    These are the reasons we collected in class (word for word, I might edit the version down later)

    British reasons:
    -Opium thrown to sea was an “excuse” to fight
    -Fighting for more cities to open for trade with britain
    -The chinese decision to not co-operate with the British trade
    -Westeners wanted to influence the whole of Asia
    -Britains superior attitude torwards the Chinese
    -British were offended by Chinese ‘Closed attitude’
    -Want to make profit

    Chinese reasons:
    Reasons by the Chinese
    -British reaction to the arrest of 300+ forigners
    -Britain concerns of foreigners being treated wrongly in China
    -To warn China that they are to be treated with respect
    -Lacks of understanding between cultures

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