Ci. Chinese pottery

General Info

I’d like to start with the definition of pottery. Oxford dictionary says that pottery is pots, dishes, and other articles made of earthenware or baked clay; pottery can be broadly divided into earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware. More than 10 000 years ago Chinese people started to use widely clay vessels. The most ancient bowls were found next to the Ancient Gods Caves. Their age is about 8800 years. During the Tan Dynasty Era the most popular type of pottery was 3 glazing vessels. An output of pottery started to slow during the Sun Era. Then it never increased.

Kaolin pottery

Probably the most famous type of Chinese pottery, kaolin pottery, was invented the same time with 3 glazing vessels. Then the cemarics was a kind of primitive, people made green kaolin tableware. During the Han dynasty black kaolin replaced a green one. The most popular in Europe – blue and white(in Chinese Cinhua) was invented during the Yuan dynasty(mine very favourite – red and white – also was invented then). During the two last dynasty epochs pottery was improved by combining styles together.

How pottery is made

During the Neolithic period all pottery was made by hands. Several thousands years ago technology was changed. From that time people made some strips and then put them together to form a thing they needed. About 3-4 thousands years ago people started to use potter’s wheel to make pottery. In the beginning people used this important invention only to improve quality after uniting strips. However, then people discovered that they can do a whole thing using a potter’s wheel.

Red pottery

Red pottery is any non-decorated pottery, which colour is red(or any type of red – wine red, Bordeaux, brick-red or any other). The pick of it output happened to be during the primitive period of Chinese history. However, even during the Qing dynasty period a little amount of red pottery was made. Red pottery consists two types – Send Red pottery and Clay red pottery. If their is not a lot of send in the clay from which a bowl is made, it’s used to serve food. If there is a lot of send – it’s used on the kitchen.

Black pottery

Black pottery is one of the most ancient types of pottery. It was made even in a primitive Yangshao culture. In comparison with red pottery it’s much stronger, because it was scorched much longer and with higher temperature(this also made it dark black). Although the primitive society, which lived 5 000 ago, didn’t use the potter’s wheel, black pottery is fine and thin. Sometimes black pottery was used to bury children. This pottery is decorated with human facial, animals and ornaments. Black pottery was not then so popular. However, it’s still made in a couple places.

Gray pottery

Gray pottery is one of the most ancient type of pottery generally used in household need. The method of making any gray pottery was designed during the Yangshao culture times. During the Shang dynasty times, output if the gray pottery reached the highest point. Then in the 3 c. b.c. during the Han dynasty the technological level of the gray pottery became one the highest ones. Like the red pottery it could be clay or send pottery.  In the later Shang dynasty Clay Gray pottery was used to make sanitiation systems.

White pottery

White pottery is a type of unglazed, uncoloured pottery, which has 2 white sides. White pottery is a predecessor of a traditional kaolin pottery. To make white pottery people needed to have a 1000 degrees temperature, so white pottery appears only during the Longshan culture times(about 1000 years later than Black pottery). In the later Shang White pottery became extremely popular and archaeologist can often find in tombs. This white pottery is designed with Taotie ornaments.


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