And I can see the moon And I can see your heart You and the moon are the same

Buddhist Meditation

26. January 2010

Okay, so this blog is going to be about meditation.

Well, what can I say, I tried it out today. I sat down for about 5min. with crossed legs and tried to concentrate on nothing special.

Before I did that, I looked for some meditation music on youtube and found some really good ones. The track that I listened was just instrumental, which is what you use for meditating.

Meditation music :

27. January 2010

My goal is to meditate every day from now on, at least 5min and become better at it. It sounds so easy, but if you actually try it, you notice that you have to practice to turn off your thoughts.

The whole point of meditating is to get a clear head, you want to try to not think about anything, just shut off the outer world.

Here is some more very relaxing and music for you to listen when you try to meditate, this piece has a bit more action in it, but is good for meditating. Music

29. January 2010

I just came back from a meeting with Ms Erin who told me all about meditation and what you have to focus on. She said it is very important to focus on the right breathing and just concentrate on every breath you take.

Yesterday I tried meditating with Grant, but that did not work out very well, since we both could not concentrate on our thoughts. Ms Erin also said that for her it was very good to be in a group of people with whom she meditates, but for me, that would not work out.

Today, I will try to meditate and focus on my breathing only, and I shall see how it works out.

15. February 2010

SORRY that i didn’t post anything for such a long time. I always told myself that I would blog after school, but then I forgot or was just too lazy.

Since I’m sick with a tonsil-infection at the moment, which includes pretty bad headaches, I thought I should meditate again to try to forget my pains – it worked for a bit. However, after some time I had to start coughing and then my concentration broke :/

Buuuuut, on wednesday in class, I will be happy to teach you all some things, so don’t wear pants that are too tight, since we will need to be crossing our legs 🙂


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