Key dates and facts of the Mongol’s history

1467 – Genghis Khan was born.

1206 – Uniting of mongols

1227 – the death of Genghis Khan

1229 – On the great Kurultay Ugedey became a ruler

1234(1231) – the western campain started(general Batu and general Subutai)

1242 – the army reached the Adriatic sea.

1242 – Ugedey dies and the army decides to go back to participate in the elections(the great Kurultay).

1256 – 1260 – the Eastern campain. Mongol’s army captured Baghdad. (general Hulagu)

1230 – 1271 – the campain of Toluy(a son of Genghis khan) and his son Kublay against the Chinese emperors.

1271 – after a civil war in the Mongol Empire Kublay became a Chinese emperatoк and founded the Yuan’ dinasty.

1294 – Kublay Khan dies and the Mongol’s empire falls apart to the Juchi Uluss(the Golden hord), the Yuan empire, the Chagatay Uluss and the Ill-khan state.

1353 – The Fall of the Ill-Khan state

1360 – 1407 – The Timur’s state

For students, who takes the WW2 it could be interesting to look at the prophecy, which said that if Timur’s grave would be opened a great war would begin. The grave was opened on the 20th June 1941. German troops attacked USSR in two days.

1368 – The fall of the Yuan’ empire(Red Turban Rebellion)

1480 – After the Ugra Standing Russia came out of the Golden Hord

1526 – 1758 – The Mughal Empire

1552 – Siedge od Kazan‘ by Ivan the Horrible troops.

1544 – 1549 –  Remains of the Golden Hord are captured by Ivan’s IV of Russia troops.

Genghis Khan and his sons

Ugedey – the second emperator of the Mongol empire.

Toluy – a general. Controlled the territory of the modern Mongolia. Headed the Chinese campain. Kublay is his son.

Juchi – a general. Controlled Russia and some other western lands, which became then the Golden Horn.

Chagatay – a general. Controlled some eastern lands, which then became the Chagatay Uluss.

If anybody is interested: the names of two khanes, who ruled after Ugedey and before Kublay – Ghuyuk and Mungke.


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